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The Shape and Texture of The Labeled Object
1, The shape of the labeled object is an important consideration, along with its material and flexibility;
2, Large radian surface needs to be matched with soft label surface material with strong adhesive glue;
3, If the surface of the labeled object has texture, usually choose soft surface material and with high viscosity adhesive glue.
The Material of The Labeled Object
1, When labeling the labeled object with low surface energy absorption (PE, PP), the initial stickiness of the label is very important, and the play of stickiness needs a relatively long period.

2, Does the labeled object contain large amounts of plasticizer inside or on its surface? The plasticizer will react with the hot melt glue and cause the glue to fail.

Requirements for Label Materials in The Environment
Label of film material:
1, suitable for the environment requiring contact with water and high humidity;
2, according to different materials, the film has different levels of tensile ability
Labels made of paper:
1, relatively poor moisture resistance, suitable for relatively dry environment;
2. Poor tensile ability
Glazing process can improve the protection of ink, scratch and moisture resistance to a certain extent;
Coating process can improve the protection of ink, scratch and chemical corrosion
Final Storage and Use Conditions of Labeled Products:
Temperature: liquid nitrogen freezing, ordinary freezing, freezing, room temperature, high temperature, super high temperature?
Humidity: wet, wet, normal, dry?
Pollution: dust, oil?
Chemical corrosion: alcohol, gasoline, water and other acid and alkali reagents?
Use environment: indoor, outdoor?
Subsequent Printing or Printing:
Waterborne printing, UV printing, silk screen printing?
Heat transfer printing, heat sensitive printing?
Laser printing, inkjet printing?
Appearance requirements:

Color: white, transparent, dumb silver, bright silver, laser, fluorescence effect, etc

Texture: texture, grain and other effects

The label shapes

Labeling Process:
Labeling method: automatic, manual?
Automatic: labeling speed is key, which will affect the need to choose what material of the label base paper
Manual: the marking method is very important. Is it brush, scraper, wheel or other methods?

Labeling environment:
According to different temperature and humidity options: room temperature glue, refrigerated glue, frozen glue;
After labeling, before changing the storage environment conditions, it is necessary to give the glue enough time to play the viscosity;
If there is water or water vapor on the labeling surface, the label selection also needs to be carefully considered

High Temperature Application Requirements:

Short-term exposure (no more than 1 hour) :

1, All glues can withstand 80℃ (tested on standard paper)

2, Only some of the acrylic glues can withstand the high temperature of 145℃

Prolonged exposure (more than 1 hour) : Please contact YDS sales staff for targeted referrals

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