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Update time : 2021-12-29 15:22:37

Do you know where labels are used?




Packaging: wheat label, postal package, letter package, shipping label, envelope address label.



Electrical appliances: internal labels of mobile phones, various electrical labels, notebook computer labels, mechanical and electrical products labels.



Commodity: price label, product description label, shelf label, bar code label, drug label.



Management: book label, car inspection label, security check label, fixed asset label.



Office: document label, file preservation label, all kinds of goods and stationery label.



Production: raw material labeling, processing product labeling, finished product labeling, inventory management labeling.


Chemical industry: paint material labeling, anti-corrosion packaging labeling and labeling of various special solvent products.



Medical industry: test tube labeling, cold/high-temperature label.



Others: security labels, encryption labels, and anti-theft labels.


Clothing: clothing tags, washing labels.